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FESCO Unit Rates

Transportation and logistics costs play a vital role in any business. Selecting the right courier service with competitive rates ensures efficiency and cost savings.

In Pakistan, FESCO Transport Service is one of the leading logistics companies that businesses rely on for domestic and international shipments.

But how are FESCO unit rates determined and what factors influence the pricing? This definitive guide provides a deep dive into FESCO unit rates to help your business make informed shipping decisions.

FESCO Unit Rates

Here is unit rates of FESCO:

Domestic Consumers:
An image depicting FESCO unit rates, offering a visual representation of the pricing structure for FESCO services.
  • Up to 100 units: Rs. 6.50 per unit
  • 101 to 200 units: Rs. 7.50 per unit
  • 201 to 300 units: Rs. 11.00 per unit
  • 301 to 700 units: Rs. 18.00 per unit
  • Above 700 units: Rs. 20.00 per unit
Commercial Consumers:
  • Up to 50 units: Rs. 11.00 per unit
  • 51 to 200 units: Rs. 13.50 per unit
  • 201 to 500 units: Rs. 16.00 per unit
  • 501 to 1000 units: Rs. 18.00 per unit
  • Above 1000 units: Rs. 20.00 per unit

Although I provided the current FESCO unit rates as of 1 March ,2024, these rates are subject to monthly changes based on fuel charges adjustments (FCA) and potential tariff revisions.

How FESCO Calculates Unit Rates

FESCO determines unit rates based on weight, distance, and service type. Here are the key factors considered:

An illustrative image depicting the process of how FESCO calculates unit rates, providing insight into the methodology and intricacies of the calculation.

Weight of Shipment

FESCO measures weight in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs). Heavier packages are charged at higher rates.

FESCO categorizes weight slabs such as 0-1 kg, 1-3 kg, 3-5 kg and so on. The per kg rate increases progressively across higher weight slabs.


Longer distances attract higher unit rates. FESCO divides origin and destination into zones.

Transportation between nearby zones costs less than longer journeys spanning multiple zones.

Type of Service

FESCO offers Express, Overnight, Same Day, Morning Delivery and COD services. Express is the standard option.

Same Day and Overnight services are pricier for time-sensitive deliveries. COD shipments have additional charges for managing cash collection.

Dimensional Weight

For oversized or irregularly shaped items, dimensional weight is calculated using volumetric dimensions.

If higher than actual weight, dimensional weight is used to determine unit rate.

Fuel Surcharge

This extra fee accounts for fluctuating fuel costs. The percentage surcharge is linked to monthly fuel prices.

Seasonal Demand

During peak seasons like Ramadan or Christmas, FESCO levies additional charges due to higher volumes.

How to Get Competitive Rates from FESCO

While FESCO has a fixed pricing policy, there are ways to optimize costs:

Consolidate Shipments:

If you have multiple packages going to the same destination, consolidate them to book under one consignment note. This brings down per kg/lb rates.

Off-Peak Timings:

Avoid peak seasons and request pickups/deliveries in off-peak hours to avoid seasonal surcharges.

Negotiate Discounts:

High volume customers can negotiate discounts with account managers. Building long-term relationships helps.

Compare with Other Couriers:

Benchmark FESCO rates against other couriers from time to time. Switch if another service provides better pricing.

Pass on Valuation Charges:

Add insurance charges to invoice value rather than absorbing it. This avoids unnecessary costs.

Weight Rounding:

For weights falling between two slabs, round down to the lower slab to optimize per kg rate.

An Overview of FESCO Delivery Network

FESCO transports goods across Pakistan using an extensive network of vehicles, hubs and branches:

1. Fleet of 3000+ Vehicles

A modern fleet of trucks ensures reliable and timely delivery across the country.

2. 40+Operational Hubs

An efficient hub and spoke model enables cost-effective transfer of shipments between cities.

3. 800+ Nationwide Locations

With branches in over 800 towns and cities across Pakistan, FESCO can service any location.

4. Rail and Air Freight Partners

Strategic partnerships with railways and airlines allows intermodal services.

With such an expansive infrastructure in place, FESCO is uniquely positioned to offer unit rates tailored to every logistics need.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about FESCO unit rates:

How do I calculate cost for a 10 kg shipment from Lahore to Karachi?

Use the online rate calculator to generate per kg rate between Lahore and Karachi. Multiply the rate by total weight of 10 kg to get total cost.

Is COD shipment costlier than prepaid booking?

Yes, COD attracts a surcharge of Rs. 50 per consignment for cash collection service. Account for this when estimating costs.

Can I get special rates for recurring bulk shipments?

Yes, speak to your account manager for regular user discounts if you ship high volumes daily or weekly to the same destination.

How frequently are fuel surcharges updated?

Fuel surcharges change monthly based on prevailing fuel prices. Percentage surcharge is higher when fuel rates are elevated.

How can I get the most competitive rates from FESCO?

Consolidate consignments, use off-peak timings, negotiate discounts, compare carrier quotes and round down weights to get the best unit rates.


Determining FESCO rates requires a consideration of multiple aspects like weight slabs, transportation zones and fuel costs. While base pricing is fixed, there are ways to optimize freight expenditure through consolidation, high volume discounts and prudent shipment planning. Using FESCO’s handy rate calculator provides instant access to prevailing unit rates for informed decision making. Equipped with this knowledge, businesses can now effectively budget their Pakistan logistics expenses.

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