About Us

Welcome to Fesco Online Bills – your one-stop online solution for easily accessing copies of your monthly FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) electricity bills and managing your account.

Background and Founding

Fesco Online Bills was started in 2023 to address a persistent annoyance faced by FESCO customers – misplaced electricity bills.

We realized customers needed an easy way to access copies of their current and old FESCO bills instead of relying solely on hard copies which are prone to getting misplaced.

This often caused last minute rushes to FESCO offices to collect duplicates before bill payment deadlines.

After extensive research and planning, we launched the user-friendly Fesco Online Bills platform that lets customers conveniently access their FESCO electricity bills via internet.

By entering their FESCO account number, customers can view, print or download PDF copies of all their monthly bills.

Our Offerings and Services

The core benefit we provide to customers across Faisalabad is instant 24/7 access to copies of their FESCO electricity bills, so they never have to worry about misplaced bills again.

Some key features and offerings of our platform:

  • Access current as well as archived electricity bills – view/download bills up to 2 years back
  • Print clear copies of the bills
  • Download PDFs which can be stored for records
  • Easily check electricity usage and charges with month-wise bills
  • No need to personally visit FESCO offices for duplicate bills

In addition, our website provides useful information about latest FESCO notifications, electricity rates, safety tips, common customer concerns and more. Customers can find answers to frequently asked questions or contact our customer support for any billing or payment issues.

Our Mission and Values

Making life easier for FESCO consumers through technology is at the heart of our operations.

We aim to provide unmatched convenience combined with stellar customer service when it comes to managing electricity bills online.

Everything we do is focused on assisting customers and building long-term relationships.

We take customer data security very seriously and have stringent protocols in place to safeguard personal information.

Our commitment to ethics ensures we adhere to all regulatory standards in our offerings. Customers can count on us to be transparent and fair at all times.

Moving Forward

Our current focus is on expanding our geographical reach to provide electricity bill access services to wider areas of Faisalabad district over the next 3 years.

We will soon be launching an upgraded platform with additional functionalities like electricity usage analytics, bill payment alerts and intuitive dashboard.

We aim to become Pakistan’s top online electricity manager by making the lives of each home easier.

Our biggest motivation comes from helpful feedback of customers for whom we have provided much-needed relief and assurance when it comes to FESCO electricity bills through our platform.

Visit Fesco Online Bills today for the most convenient way to get copies of your bills!