Fesco Online Bill 2024

Getting an electricity connection from FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) online bill is extremely convenient for residential and commercial consumers in Faisalabad and surrounding areas. However, many consumers face difficulties when it comes to paying their FESCO electricity bills on time through traditional methods.

The good news is that FESCO online bill system now offers an online electricity bill and online bill viewing facility to ease the payment process for consumers.

FESCO Bill check


Read this complete guide to learn everything about your FESCO electricity bill conveniently through the FESCO online bill portal.

How to View FESCO Bill Online?

Step 1: Identify Your Bill Identifier

Every FESCO bill comes with two unique identifiers:

  • Reference Number: A 14-digit code prominently displayed on the front page.
  • Customer ID: A 10-digit number typically located near the top right corner.

Step-by-step guide on viewing Fesco online bill with a computer and mobile device, illustrating the online bill viewing process for the post titled 'How to View Fesco Electricity Bill Online?

If you can’t find your current bill, no worries! FESCO customer service can retrieve your reference number or customer ID with a quick call at 111-225-225.

Step 2: Enter Your Information and Search

Once on your chosen website, locate the designated field for entering your reference number or customer ID. The label might vary, but common terms include “Reference No.,” “Consumer ID,” or “Account Number.”

Once entered, click “Submit” or “Search” to initiate the retrieval process.

Step 3: Dive into Your Bill Details

Your FESCO bill will be displayed on the screen, offering a comprehensive overview of your electricity usage and charges. Key information you’ll find includes:

  • Current Bill Amount: The total sum you owe for the current billing period.
  • Due Date: The deadline to avoid late payment penalties.
  • Bill History: Access previous bills (depending on the website).
  • Breakdown of Charges: Understand the individual components of your bill, such as energy consumption, fuel surcharges, and meter rent.
  • Additional Information: This may include your consumer type, tariff category, and meter reading.

Step 4: Take Action (Optional)

You’re not limited to just viewing your FESCO bill online! Depending on your needs, you can:

  • Download Your Bill: Save a PDF copy for future reference or printing.
  • Contact Customer Service: Have questions or issues? Reach FESCO customer service through the provided phone number or chat options available on some websites.

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What is FESCO Online Bill System?

FESCO online bill system allows all residential, commercial and industrial electricity consumers to:

  • View their latest FESCO bill online free
  • Avoid long queues and save time
  • Download FESCO bill in PDF file
  • Print FESCO bills

This system comes under FESCO’s citizen-centric e-governance initiative to facilitate consumers across Faisalabad. Both prepaid and postpaid consumers can benefit from this online FESCO bill facility.

How to Pay FESCO Electricity Bill Through Internet / Mobile Banking?

1. Paying FESCO Bill via Banks

An image illustrating the process of paying Fesco online bill through various banks, showcasing convenience and electronic payment options
  • Online Banking Pay FESCO electricity bill via internet/mobile banking using Visa/Mastercard debit and credit cards. Banks like MCB, HBL, UBL etc. are integrated.
  • ATM Machine Insert your debit card at ATM, select bill payments and choose FESCO electricity bill to pay directly from linked bank account.
  • Over-the-Counter Visit nearest HBL, ABL, MCB or UBL branch. Fill deposit slip at counter to pay bill in cash/cheque.

2. Paying through Easypaisa and JazzCash

Visual representation of Fesco online bill payment process, highlighting the convenience of paying through Easypaisa and JazzCash for seamless transactions.


  • Easypaisa App/Shop Use Easypaisa mobile app, website or visit nearest shop. Enter meter or reference no. to pay FESCO bill.
  • JazzCash Agent/App Pay instantly via JazzCash app or visit agent shop with meter details. Enter ref no. and amount to complete FESCO bill payment.

3. Paying through FESCO App

Screenshot of the Fesco online bill app interface, highlighting its user-friendly design and features for efficient energy management and billing.

Paying your FESCO electricity bill is now easier than ever with the FESCO Mobile App. Simply download the app on your android or iOS device and register with your FESCO account details. You can view your current bill amount and due date right on the app. Make payments via debit card, credit card or EasyPaisa in just a few taps.

The app also allows you to view your payment history and generate duplicate bills if needed. With its user-friendly interface and quick payment options, the FESCO App makes managing your electricity bills convenient. For consumer facilitation, FESCO Online Bill has introduced many advanced online systems under its e-governance initiatives.

FESCO online Duplicate bill, electrical inspection booking and other systems are benefiting millions of electricity consumers across Faisalabad.


Here are some common queries by consumers regarding FESCO online bill answered:

How to register mobile number for FESCO online bill?

You can register your mobile number by submitting an application at your respective FESCO Sub-Divisional Office. Provide a copy of your valid CNIC and mobile number details for registration.

What if wrong mobile number registered on electricity bill?

Visit the SDO office with your electricity bill, ID card copy and correct mobile number details. The SDO office will update your new mobile number after verifying details.

What if forget FESCO online account password?

Simply click Forgot Password on FESCO online portal and enter your registered mobile number. You will receive an SMS with new login details to access your electricity account.

How to get FESCO duplicate bill online?

Go to the FESCO online bills Website and enter their Reference or Customer ID. You will get the duplicate bill online.

Can get previous FESCO bills if register mobile no. now?

No, you cannot access your old electricity bills if you register mobile after their generation. But you can access all future FESCO bills on the online FESCO portal using registered mobile no.

Can I check the FESCO online bill by CNIC or METRE Number?

To check your FESCO online bill, you can not use  your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or your meter number. You can use your Reference Number or customer ID of FESCO bill to check bill online.


FESCO online bill viewing system has greatly facilitated consumers in Faisalabad region. Now consumers can easily view monthly bills, avoid traditional hassles and get information about Faisalabad Electric Supply Company.

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