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Fesco New Connection

Getting a Fesco New Connection  from FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) can seem like a complex process, but it’s quite straightforward if you follow the step-by-step procedure.

Whether you’re constructing a new house, office, or factory, a reliable electricity supply is essential. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about obtaining a FESCO new connection.

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FESCO provides electricity connections to all types of consumers including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural.

To be eligible, you must own or occupy the premises for which you are requesting the new connection. The premises should fall within the service area of a FESCO subdivision.

You will need to submit the required documents as proof of ownership or occupancy. The connection process is same for urban and rural areas that are part of FESCO’s network.

How to apply for FESCO New Connection?

Follow these steps to apply for your new electricity connection smoothly:

Step-by-step guide on applying for a new FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) connection, illustrating the application process and requirements.

1. Visit the ENC Official Website

Begin by accessing the official ENC website of FESCO. This is where you will initiate your application process.

2. Navigate to the Application Section

Once on the ENC website, look for the ‘Apply’ button usually located in the sidebar menu. Click on it to start your application.

3. Input Reference Number and Select Connection Type

You will need to provide a reference number from a neighbor who already has a connection with FESCO. Choose the category type of the connection you are applying for, such as 15 kW for residential or as applicable for commercial setups.

4. Fill in Application Details

Complete the application form with accurate information. Ensure you have the following documents ready in digital format (maximum file size 300 KB each):

  • Copy of Property Document
  • Attested Copy of Applicant’s ID Card
  • Attested Copy of Witness’s ID Card
  • Neighbor’s Electricity Bill Copy
  • Wiring Contractor’s Test Report

5. Submit Your Application

After filling out the form and uploading necessary documents, submit your application through the website.

6. Receive Tracking ID

Upon successful submission, a unique tracking ID will be generated. Make sure to note down this tracking ID for future reference.

7. Print Your Application Form

You can print a copy of your application form by entering your tracking ID and selecting the print option.

8. Submit Application and Required Documents

Attach the printed application form along with all required documents and submit them to the designated FESCO office.

9. Receive Demand Notice

After verifying your documents, FESCO will issue a demand notice. You can download this notice using your tracking ID on the ENC website.

10. Pay Demand Notice

Make the payment for the demand notice at the designated bank.

11. Submit Proof of Payment

Submit the paid copy of the demand notice to the concerned FESCO office.

12. Installation of Connection

Upon successful verification of payment, FESCO will proceed with the installation of your new electricity connection.

Timeline for Getting New Connection:

FESCO aims to provide new connections within following time after payment:

  • Domestic connections: 10 working days
  • Commercial connections: 15 working days
  • Industrial connections: 20 working days

However, the timeline can vary depending on work required such as installation of new transformer.

Documents Required:

Here are the documents you need to submit when applying for FESCO new connection:

1. Property Document Copy

To verify ownership or tenancy, you need to submit a copy of your property documents. This could be the sale deed, rental agreement, or any other document proving your right to use the property.

2. Attested ID Card Copy of the Applicant

Submit an attested copy of your National Identity Card (NIC). Attestation can be done by a gazetted officer, ensuring that your identity is verified.

3. Attested ID Card Copy of the Witness

Alongside your own ID, you will need an attested copy of the NIC of a witness. This witness could be a neighbor, friend, or any reliable person who can attest to your identity and application.

4. Neighbor’s Electricity Bill Copy

To help FESCO verify the location and avoid any confusion, submit a copy of your neighbor’s recent electricity bill. This assists in cross-referencing the address for the new connection.

5. Wiring Contractor’s Test Report

A certified wiring contractor must inspect your property and provide a test report. This report confirms that your electrical wiring meets safety standards and is suitable for a new connection.

Make sure to attach attested copies of all documents with the application form.

Cost of Obtaining New FESCO Connection

The cost of getting a new FESCO electricity connection includes:

  • Application processing fee
  • Security deposit
  • Pole mounting and service connection charges
  • Meter cost
  • Installation charges for transformer (if required)

The security deposit and connection costs vary based on your load requirement. FESCO has a slab-wise schedule of charges updated annually.

Getting Connection for Commercial or Industrial Load

Commercial and industrial consumers have to follow the same new connection procedure.

Additional documents required in their case include:

  • Proof of company/firm registration or incorporation
  • NOC from respective department (for industrial units)

To determine the electricity load for commercial or industrial premises, the consumer has to submit their intended electricity usage details.

FESCO will assess expected load accordingly.

How to Apply for Temporary Connection?

Temporary connections can be obtained from FESCO for the following purposes:

  • One-time events
  • Short-term construction projects
  • Other temporary needs (for up to 1 year)

Apply at subdivision office by submitting:

  • Application form
  • ID card copy
  • Event/project details
  • Duration required

The timeline, charges and procedure is faster for temporary FESCO connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can to check status of my application?

check application status by visiting respective FESCO subdivision office. The office staff will be able to look up your application details and inform you of current status.

What if connection is not provided within given timeline?

If there is a delay, you should file a complaint at subdivision office. FESCO is liable to pay penalty in case connections are not provided within stipulated timelines as per rules.

Is transformer installation cost borne by consumer?

No, in case of domestic connections FESCO bears transformer installation cost if required. For commercial/industrial connections, the consumer has to pay cost for transformer addition/upgradation.

Can connection be upgraded to higher load?

Yes, you can always apply for load enhancement by submitting an application and paying required fee. FESCO will upgrade transformers if needed to accommodate increased load demand.

How can duplicate bills be obtained?

You can obtain duplicate bills from respective FESCO subdivision office by providing your reference account number. A minimal fee may be applicable for availing duplicate bills.


Obtaining a new electricity connection from FESCO involves filing an application, payment of charges, and completion of electrification work by FESCO teams. By following the step-by-step process, required documents, and timeline outlined here, you can ensure a smooth connection process. Do reach out to the subdivision office in case any assistance is required during the application process. With an authorized FESCO connection, you can power your premises reliably and safely.

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