FESCO Meter Reading Schedule - A neatly organized calendar displaying dates for meter readings, with highlighted sections indicating specific time frames and areas of coverage

FESCO Meter Reading Schedule

The FESCO meter reading schedule is a vital tool for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) customers to understand their electricity consumption and billing cycle. By knowing when your meter is scheduled to be read, you can track your energy use and budget accordingly.

What are the Benefits FESCO Meter Reading Schedule

There are several benefits to knowing your FESCO meter reading schedule:

  • Track your electricity consumption: By monitoring your meter readings over time, you can identify trends in your energy use and take steps to reduce your consumption if necessary. This can help you save money on your electricity bills.
  • Budget for your electricity bills: Knowing when your meter is read will help you anticipate when your next bill is due. This can help you budget for your electricity costs more effectively.
  • Identify potential billing errors: If you notice a significant discrepancy between your meter reading and your bill, you can contact FESCO to investigate the issue.

How to Find Your FESCO Meter Reading Schedule

FESCO publishes a “Meter Reading and Billing Schedule” document on its official website [FESCO meter reading schedule] or you can check FESCO Meter Reading Schedule in below image. This document provides a detailed breakdown of the billing cycle, including:

  • Specific dates for meter reading in different areas.
  • Dates for bill generation and issuance.
  • The grace period for bill payments.
  • Dates for follow-up actions in case of non-payment.

FESCO Meter Reading Schedule Image:

An image showing the FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) Meter Reading Schedule displayed on a computer screen.

What is FESCO Meter Reading Schedule?

The FESCO meter reading schedule is a table that outlines the following information:

  • Date of Receipt: This is the date that FESCO will receive the meter reading data from the meter reader.
  • Date of Meter Reading: This is the date that the meter reader is scheduled to read your meter.
  • Date of Follow-Up Receipt: This is the date that FESCO will follow up if they do not receive a meter reading on the scheduled date.
  • Date of Receipt Printing Issue: This is the date that any issues with receipt printing will be resolved.
  • Cash Collection Dates: These are the dates that FESCO customer service centers will be open to collect cash payments.
  • Grace Date for Payment: This is the last date that you can pay your bill without incurring a late payment fee.
  • Due Date: This is the date that your bill is due.

The FESCO Meter Reading Process

The FESCO meter reading process is as follows:

  1. The meter reader will visit your property on the scheduled date to read your meter.
  2. The meter reader will record the meter reading on a handheld device.
  3. The meter reading data will be transmitted to FESCO electronically.
  4. FESCO will generate your bill based on the meter reading.
  5. You will receive your bill by mail or email.


What happens if I am not home when the meter reader comes?

This should not be a problem. The meter reader can usually read your meter from outside your property.

What if I disagree with my meter reading?

If you disagree with your meter reading, you can contact FESCO customer service to request a meter re-read.

How can I reduce my electricity consumption?

There are a number of ways to reduce your electricity consumption, such as turning off lights and electronics when you are not using them, using energy-efficient appliances, and weatherproofing your home.


Understanding your FESCO meter reading schedule is an important part of managing your electricity costs. By knowing when your meter is scheduled to be read, you can track your energy use, budget for your electricity bills, and identify potential billing errors. If you have any questions about your FESCO meter reading schedule, please contact FESCO customer service.


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