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How to Correct a FESCO Bill?

How to Correct a FESCO Bill? Facing a FESCO bill with an error can be frustrating, but fret not! This guide walks you through the entire process of getting your FESCO bill corrected, ensuring accurate readings and fair charges.

Facing an incorrect FESCO bill can be stressful, but fret not! Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get it rectified:

Step By Step Guide To Correct Your FESCO Bill

Here is steps by step guide to correct FESCO bill:

1. Identify the Discrepancy:

Carefully review your FESCO bill for any inconsistencies. Compare current meter readings with previous ones, verify tariff application, and check for unusual charges.

2. Gather Evidence:

Take photos of your meter reading and keep any relevant documents as proof, such as previous bills or receipts.

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3. Contact FESCO Customer Service:

This is your first point of contact. You can call their helpline (111-124), visit their website (, or visit your nearest customer service center. Clearly explain the error and provide supporting evidence.

'Contact FESCO Customer Service,' representing a professional and customer-friendly approach to reaching out to FESCO, ensuring reliable and efficient assistance.

4. File a Formal Complaint:

If initial contact doesn’t resolve the issue, file a formal complaint. FESCO offers online complaint registration ( or physical complaint forms at customer service centers.

5. Status of complaint

Regularly check the status of your complaint and maintain communication with FESCO. Once verified, the corrected bill will be issued and any necessary adjustments made to your account.

Understanding FESCO Bill Discrepancies:

Before correcting your bill, it’s essential to understand the potential discrepancies:

1. Meter Reading Errors: The most common issue, inaccuracies can occur during manual meter readings or due to meter malfunction.

2. Billing Errors: Typos, miscalculations, or incorrect application of tariffs can lead to billing problems.

3. Late Payments and Penalties: Unpaid bills or missed deadlines might result in additional charges, impacting your total amount.

Additional Tips:

1. Act Promptly: The sooner you address the discrepancy, the quicker it can be resolved.

2. Be Polite and Professional: Maintain a respectful tone while communicating with FESCO representatives.

3. Keep Records: Document all interactions with FESCO, including dates, times, and contact details.

4. Seek External Help: If you face challenges navigating the process, consider seeking assistance from consumer rights organizations or lawyers.


How long does it take to correct a FESCO bill? 

This depends on the nature of the error and the investigation process. Expect a resolution within 15-30 days for most cases.

What happens if I overpaid due to a billing error? 

You will receive a refund for the overcharged amount, usually credited to your next bill or issued as a separate payment.

Can I dispute late payment charges if they are incorrect?

Absolutely! If the late charges stem from a billing error, you can contest them and have them removed.

What documents do I need to provide when reporting a FESCO bill error?

Keep copies of your current bill, previous bills for comparison, meter reading photos (if applicable), and any relevant receipts or communications with FESCO.

Is there a fee for filing a FESCO bill correction complaint?

No, filing a complaint is free of charge. However, if the error was due to your negligence (e.g., late payment), you might be responsible for any associated charges.


By following these steps and understanding the process, you can effectively correct your FESCO bill and ensure accurate billing practices. Remember, staying informed and actively seeking resolution are key to protecting your rights as a consumer.

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