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How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not?

Paying your electricity bill on time is crucial to avoid service disruption. How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not? To check if your FESCO bill is paid, you can visit the official FESCO website and log in to your account. Alternatively, you can use their mobile app or contact their customer service for assistance.

Ensure to have your account details ready for quick access. Fortunately, FESCO offers multiple easy ways to verify your bill status.

Step by Step Guide Check Your FESCO Bill Payment Status

The easiest way to check if FESCO has received your bill payment is to use their online portal. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to FESCO’s website and click on “Bill Payment

Step 2: Choose “Bill Payment Inquiry

Step 3: Enter your FESCO account number and receipt number

Step 4: The portal will display payment details like date paid and payment status


If the status shows “Paid”, your payment was successful. If it shows “Unpaid”, there was an error and you should contact FESCO to resolve it.

Verifying Payment at FESCO Payment Centers

You can also personally visit authorized FESCO payment centers to check if your electricity bill was paid. Here is the process:

Image illustrating the process of verifying payment at FESCO Payment Centers, showcasing a customer engaged in the payment verification procedure.

Step 1: Go to the nearest FESCO payment collection office

Step 2: Provide your account number and receipt number

Step 3: The staff will check and inform you if payment was “Paid” or “Unpaid”

This allows you to get instant in-person confirmation. If unpaid, you can immediately pay it again to avoid disconnection.

Checking Through Your Mobile Banking App

If you paid your FESCO bill through mobile banking or ATM, you can check its status right in your bank’s mobile app:

Image depicting the process of checking payment status through the FESCO Mobile Banking App

Step 1: Login to your mobile banking app

Step 2: Go to Payment History/Bill Payments section

Step 3: Check the status against your FESCO bill payment

If status is “Debited”, your payment succeeded. If not, you need to pay again via another method.

This provides the most convenient way to verify FESCO electricity bill payments.


How can I get SMS or email confirmation for FESCO bill payment?

You can register your mobile number and email address with FESCO to automatically receive payment receipts via SMS and email right after successful payments.

What if FESCO website shows payment failure? 

If the FESCO portal shows payment failure despite payment, contact their customer support immediately on their helpline number to get it corrected in their system to avoid disconnection.

What if my bank app shows payment successful but FESCO says unpaid?

There can be occasional mismatches between bank payments and FESCO’s internal systems. Visit your nearest payment center with payment proof from bank to get it updated.

How much time does FESCO take to update bill payment status?

FESCO electronically updates bill payment status instantly for online payments, within 1 hour for payment center payments, and within 24 hours for mobile banking/ATM transfers.

Can I pay my FESCO bill at Pakistan Post office?

Yes, FESCO has an agreement with Pakistan Post to collect electricity bill payments. You can visit your nearest post office to pay and get the receipt to check status on FESCO portal.


Checking your FESCO electricity bill payment status is crucial to confirm if your payment was credited successfully to avoid service disruption. Use FESCO’s online portal, visit authorized payment centers, or use your bank’s mobile app to conveniently verify status. Act swiftly if unpaid to get the issue resolved before your due date. Stay stress-free by regularly checking your FESCO bill payment status through the simple methods explained in this handy guide.

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